A Dream to Reality

2026: Hrishikesh Jadhav, an successful entreprenure who started his journey as freelancing in Digital marketing and now he is founder of ______which is generating revenue of more than 100-crores.

After completing Engineering in 2020 Hrishikesh was still not sure what field he should choose a career in. So he started looking for new things and he came across Digital marketing which he found very much interesting. He started gaining more knowledge and came across this internship program from Digital Deepak. From this internship, he not only acquired skills in many aspects of Digital Marketing but also gave him the vision to dream big and creating value. Now he was more confident he knew what his goals are. He started freelancing. Which was the actual beginning towards success.

Writing blogs daily was one of the habits he has developed. As writing blogs required lots of reading which he loved doing, fields like renewable energy, organic farming, technology very much interested him. Curiousness leads him to Research, connecting with new people from these fields which gained him more insight into these fields.

His blogs on technology and techniques that can incorporate into farming lead him to gain a position in top bloggers.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end”

As agriculture interested him, he knew that the agriculture domain of the country commands a respectable position in India though globalization has transformed the country into a much more industry-centered economy. Even though, for the last few decades, the farming community of the country has been lagging in terms of modernizing its agriculture operations and marketing strategies.

The main problems the agriculture sector suffered were improper infrastructure, farmers unable to access a wide range of markets with ease while making just limited profits on crop sales.

To solve pain points at various levels, which conventional farming failed to address. He started an agritech platform named______which offers an online marketplace to farmers. It is a technology-based platform, which offers full-stack agriculture services to farmers, including distribution of high-quality agri inputs, customized farm advisory, access to financial services, and market linkages for selling their produce. Within a few months more than a thousand farmers connected to his platform. Which helped them not only to produce good quality crops but also simplifying business for farmers all over by eliminating middlemen and giving farmers the best price for their produce.

Within a few years, more than a million users connected.

This leads him to become one of the top online agritech service provider in the country.

At present, he is traveling to different countries for learning new technology and applying here. He was invited by TEDx, where he spoke about his journey.

He believes that never miss out on opportunities that come in life. Fulfillment is what everyone should achieve, if you become successful in these 3 fields Health, Family, and Finances lead you towards fulfillment.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”
  • Dream big then multiply it with 10 so that your dream becomes so big that you look small in front and feel to sacrifice anything to achieve it.
  • Start Today, taking actions will give actual learnings and success.
  • Don’t stop be consistent till you get what you wanted.

Always having a new goal keeps him motivated, he believes that never settle with your current version of yourself, there’s always more to upgrade yourself and achieve.



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